Sports Information Media Guidelines

Doane Sports Information provides public and media relations services for the Tigers' 21 NAIA sports.  The following guidelines have been created to ensure a professional working environment for members of the media.

Contact Information
Doane Sports Information
1014 Boswell Avenue
Crete, NE 68333
Phone: 402-826-8248

Rick Schmuecker - Sports Information Director
[email protected] or 402-826-8248

Online Media
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Media Credentials for reporters, broadcast media, photographers/videographers are not required for regular season events but notification is appreciated in advance to reserve space in the limited media work spaces. Broadcast Media wishing to cover events at Doane College athletics facilities should notify the Sports Information Office at least 3 days in advance (and by Monday on the week of a football game at Doane) with limited phone lines available at each venue. One phone line is available for opposing team's media and will be provided to the outlet that makes first contact. Credentials will be required for all post-season events.

Wireless internet is available for media with a limited number of ethernet ports available (for Ledon Baseball/Softball Complex, Haddix Center and Al Papik Field). 

Please contact the Sports Information Office with questions. Notification of taking photos/videos is appreciated for athletic competitions. Photographers/Videographers who do not keep an appropriate distance from the competition area or interfere with the flow of a competition event will be asked to leave or move into the stands. For opportunities outside of athletic competitions, such as practices, staged shots, etc., with players and coaches, need to be arranged through the Sports Information Office.

Post-game interviews with Doane coaches and players are available to media personnel after the team has their post-game meeting immediately following the competition. Players and coaches will be made available on the field or outside their respective locker rooms for interviews. Interviews during the week with players and coaches need to be arranged through the Sports Information Office. 

Media Services 
Media Services at most Doane athletic events include a game program, lineups, and statistics/results if applicable (individual & team stats and a play-by-play summary).