Doane Athletics Fan App

Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I find the app in the app store and is there a cost?
There is no cost associated to the app, everything is FREE. Search "Doane Tigers" to find the app, the image for the app includes the new Tiger logo.

Direct links: APPLE and GOOGLE

I'm having trouble checking in for an event, what can I do?
You must be at the venue of the athletic event and check-in during the time frame set, typically starting at the time the event is scheduled to start and ending at approximately the end of the game. All check-ins are GPS driven so you must be in the range that is predetermined for the venue. Also make sure you allow the "Doane" app to know your location in order for you to check-in. This is typically set when you downloaded the app but if you answered no, you can change your settings of your phone (Settings -> Privacy -> Location... note, not all phones will be the same set-up). Make sure your WiFi is also on and that you hit the orange check-in button at the top of the event... you will receive confirmation that you checked in. If you are still having trouble, find an athletic adminstrator at the event or a student-worker for the Sports Information Office and see if they can help you.

Why do I miss out on some notifications that my friends get?
Make sure you went to your account and filled out your profile (in the app under "account", tap on your username). By completing your profile, you will be grouped into a variety of categories that could receive a special message and potential reward.

What is the FanCam?
The FanCam is set-up for you to share photos of yourself and friends at Doane Athletic events. Submit a photo through the FanCam and if approved, it will be added to the library. Current photos will be the ones accepted unless you have a great fan pic from a past Doane event. (photos can be denied from posting if deemed unappropriate)

Why do some people get more points when they check-in?
When checking in, you have the option of sharing that you checked in on social media (Twitter and Facebook). There are secret bonus points tied to some events so always share on social media that you checked in for the chance to get extra points. Bonus points are also award following home events for the FanCam Photo of the Game (1 bonus point) and FanCam Photo of the Month (5 bonus points).

Why are some events worth different points?
Event points will not always be the same. There are a variety of reasons an event may be worth different points, for example if baseball and softball are hosting doubleheaders at the same time, each event might be worth fewer points but if you check in at both you get more total points than if they were grouped together. Timing of the events, location or special days might also receive different point values.

What are the rewards?
Rewards will vary and have the potential for a wide range from concession stand items, gift cards/discounts, Doane Athletic apparel and much more. Rewards can be done for your season long efforts of supporting the Tigers or at single events.

Why am I not able to check-in to a road event?
Currently, only home events will be used to earn points.

What are the awards?
During the 2016-17 academic year, Doane Athletics and the Crete Wal-Mart will be providing awards.

  • 50 points - Doane Mood Cup
  • 75 points - Candy Bar from Crete Wal-Mart
  • 125 points - Doane Drawstring Bag
  • 175 points - Crete Wal-Mart Deli Meal
  • 200 points - Doane Tiger T-shirt
  • 250 points - Crete Wal-Mart Take & Bake 12" Pizza
  • 300 points - Doane Cooler

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