Incoming Athlete Bio Form

Incoming Athlete Bio Form

This form is for all NEW student-athletes at Doane University to fill out for the 2017-18 academic school year. Please fill this form out before practices start for your sport's season. The information in this form will be used to publicize you and your athletic and academic accomplishments at Doane. The information will be used to write your bio for the website and event programs associated with your sport.

Please provide as much information as possible. The more you provide, the more we can provide the public and the media covering Doane athletics with the information they need. Your personal contact information will only be used by the Doane Sports Information Office to contact you if further information is needed or to arrange a potential interview.

A red asterisk (*) is a field that needs to be completed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Assistant Athletics Director for Athletics Communication by e-mail ([email protected]).

  • Student-Athlete's Name *

    Please enter your name

  • Do not assume that everyone can pronounce your name, if you have had someone incorrectly pronounce it before please help us try to make sure it doesn't happen at Doane.

  • This will only be used by Sports Information Office if they need to get a hold of you for media purposes... contact is usually through a text message.

  • Typically this will be [email protected] but if you have a common name, a numerical value may be added. If you have not received your Doane e-mail address, please consult with your admissions counselor.

  • How can we find you on Twitter?

  • Let us know if you want the Doane Athletic Twitter account (@DoaneAthletics) to follow and tweet at you.

  • How can we find you on Instagram?

  • Let us know if you want the Doane Athletic Instagram account (@DoaneAthletics) to follow and tag you.

  • Athletic Class Standing *
  • Put "UNDECIDED" if you have not declared a major

  • Please list the height that was recorded on your physical

  • List the weight that was recorded on your physical

  • Birthdate * / / Pick a date.

    List the month, day and year you were born

  • Please list the newspaper(s) that covered you and your high school

  • Family Information

  • Name
  • Name
  • Name
  • Name
  • List immediate family members currently in high school and your relationship to them (i.e. - brother, sister, etc.)

  • Sport specific questions

  • What sports will you participate in at Doane (check all that apply) *

    Please check all that apply

  • Baseball/Softball ONLY - Throw/Bat

    Check those that apply

  • Other information

  • Please list all academic honors received while at Doane

  • Interviews/Media Request

    There are times where a media outlet (most often from our on-campus media) would like to visit with you outside of the competition arena for an interview.

  • Do you want to be interviewed outside of competition dates? *
  • What is the best way for the Doane Sports Information Office to contact you for a potential interview or other items regarding Doane Athletics? *
  • Final Check

  • Athletic Information Form - Final Steps *

    This form is for use of the Doane College Sports Information Office. Any personal information provided is kept confidential. Information obtained that is not of a personal nature can be used for the purposes of nominated the student-athlete for select awards as supporting information to strengthen the nomination

  • Academic Consent Release (being able to use your GPA for nomination to academic honors) *

    Doane student-athletes can be eligible for academic recognition at the conference and national levels based on grade point average (GPA). By checking yes, you allow the Doane Sports Information Office to receive your GPA from the Register's Office in order to nominate you for academic honors that require GPA minimums. Your GPA may be used in public releases by Doane or awarding members.